German Hammer Seeks Germany

With a lockout looming, many players are seeking alternate places to play this season should there be no NHL.  While the majority of us are still pushing these thoughts out of our heads, the reality has set in for us here at A Cup A Bruin.  On Wednesday defensemen Dennis Seidenberg mentioned he was toying with the idea of playing in Germany with his younger sibling Yanick Seidenberg.

“It would be nice to play with him if it gets to that point,” said Seidenberg. “But for now, I haven’t really put enough thought into it to say what I’m going to do.”(via

Seidenberg was one of five members of the Bruins who participated in Milan Lucic’s Rock and Jock Softball Game. Others included Mike Mottau, Tuukka Rask and Johnny Boychuk. While they are all anxious for the start of the season and await developmental camp that is set to start on September 21 at Ristuccia Arena, it isl likely they will be locked out.

“Hopefully we can get an agreement done,” Boychuk said. “It’s too bad we’re at where we’re at. But as teammates, you stick together. We’ll get through this.” (via

While the five return to their home-base for the season and return to their in-season workout routines, they may be returning for nothing. As of Thursday there were still no negotiations made between the NHL and NHLPA, leaving the deadline of September 15 to creep at a much faster pace.

The last time the league suffered a lockout Rask was just becoming a professional in Finland.  Now, he is looking to have a breakout season as the Bruins number one goaltender.  Unfortunately, that might not happen and if it does, it could be shortened.

“There’s going to be a lot players without a job [if there is a lockout],” he told the Globe. “A lot teams are going to be packed. I haven’t really given any thought to it. Maybe I’ll figure something out if that happens.”

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