24/7 Boston Bruins

Boston Bruins 24/7, sounds like a dream doesn’t it? It’s every fan’s dream to see their team featured in a documentary leading up to the Winter Classic in January. However, for Bruins fans, this hasn’t happened.  While the Penguins/Capitals and Flyers/Rangers were equally entertaining to watch, the Boston Bruins could provide some quality television.

Seriously, think about it. What other team around the NHL has greater rivals than the Bruins? The only measurable one I can think of is the in-state Pittsburgh-Philadelphia rivalry.  Aside from that, Boston and Montreal hold the biggest original six rivalry to date. While the year of goaltender fighting may have been the greatest year to watch the rivalry play out, there is never a dull moment when the two play each other.

We’ve all heard about the stellar team dynamic that the Boston Bruins possess, but with cameras following watch around 24/7, we would get a behind the scenes look at just how close they really are.  We would see the pranks they pull on eachother, such as hiding Bergeron’s equipment as seen in NHL 36: Patrice Bergeron edition, among other things.

In having 24/7 access to the team we love most, we would see all of the drama. Imagine the ‘temper tantrums’ Tuukka must throw when his team scores on him. I would imagine it to be similar to that of Marc-Andre Flury of the Penguins.  We would see Lucic pleading his case to the referees each and every time he gets a penalty, Marchand chirping, Shawn Thornton scoring penalty shots and of course, Seguin ‘sleeping’ through team meetings.  In having the ‘all access pass’ to the locker room viewers would see the Bruins in a different light and hopefully change the view that they are a ‘dirty’ team and show that they each put their heart on the line every night they step foot on the ice.

In addition, the Bruins have some very strong personalities, look at Tim Thomas, we could have an in-depth look at what he is doing with all of his spare time. (Kidding.) Aside from Tim Thomas there is always enforcer Shawn Thornton who is pretty vocal and hilarious all at the same time.  There is no question he would shed a different light on what it is like being an NHL enforcer. Or Andrew Ference, we could learn how to make 20 link chains and reduce-reuse-recycle, there’s no harm in that. We would see the strong work ethic set by Chara, Bergeron, Ference and Kelly that helps mold the team into the players they have become.  As well as portray the hard-working grit and determination that helped win them the Stanley Cup in 2011.

Much like the team itself, the management has just as much character.  Following guys like Cam Neely and Peter Chiarelli around would without a doubt be intriguing.  Or Jack Edwards, just five minutes with him in the announcing booth and seriously, who wouldn’t want to keep watching?

In following the Bruins around for the opening months we would see an in-depth look at all the charity events they host and how active they are in the community. We would also get better acquainted with the city of Boston and it’s culture.

Sure there are going to be some pieces that aren’t going to be stellar and phenomenal like excessive XBox playing time (ahem, Horton), and Marchand and Seguin unable and unwilling to keep their shirts on in public (although Marchand is one of the best dressed Bostonians). If that’s the worst this team has to offer, I would say when does filming begin, but I’m just a writer, no a film producer.

In 2010 a few players were asked what they thought of the idea of being a part of 24/7, Milan Lucic stated he thought it would be fun and that people would see them in a different light, especially captain Zdeno Chara:

“…when Zee’s in a good mood, he likes to laugh, giggle and have a lot of fun and what not,” said Lucic when asked which player would show a different side on an all-access show. “But also on the other hand, he’s very serious in how he’s in the gym, he’s always working, he’s got this going on or that. Definitely, he’d be an interesting guy that a lot of people would be interested, I think, in how he goes about his routine in the room. “(via Bruins Blog)

However, Lucic also shared that while the F-bombs wouldn’t be as bad as Capitals former coach Boudreau, they would still be fairly often.

“Our coaches, it’d probably be PG-13. They throw an F-bomb here and there,” said Lucic. “It’s not in their regular vocabulary. But the players … it’s a different story for sure. But sometimes coaches lose their cool. I’ve heard my fair share of F-bombs from coaches.”

For now this is all just a random thought process going through our heads, something to pass the time until the season begins.  The general consensus for the NHL Department here is to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. For now, we just get to look at our regularly scheduled season allowing us 17 games with Pierre McGuire announcing for us! Oh joy.  For the full schedule look here.


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