Lucic Gets Locked In

Milan Lucic sticks around for another three years (Photo Credit: Steph Phillips)

“Being an athlete in Boston has been one of the best experiences of my whole life…a dream come true,” Milan Lucic told John Bishop today after extending his contract with the Boston Bruins for three more years for $18million, making him the highest paid Bruin on the roster.

Lucic, the 6′ 4″, Vancouver native, has been with the Bruins for five seasons now, since 2007 playing in 359 games.  He is best known for his tough guy persona and his unique offensive style that he brings to the table. He has registered 212 totals and logged over 500 minutes in the penalty box throughout the course of his Boston career.

In the 2011-2012 season Lucic suited up for 81 games and scored 26 goals, falling just four goals shy of tying a career best while remaining among the top goal scorers for the team.  He also managed to log in 125 penalty minutes for the Bruins in the past season, making him only the 12th most penalized man in the League in 2011-2012.

While many will state that Lucic is a ‘dirty’ player and a ‘gutless piece of (expletive),’ (ahem, Ryan Miller) Bruins fans and players alike pride him in his toughness and tenacity that he brings each and every game.  When he was signed back in 2007, he was brought in to harness part of the “Big Bad Bruins” theory along with Shawn Thornton.

“As a player I’ve always believed in Peter and [Head Coach] Claude [Julien] and what they were trying to build,” Lucic said. “Obviously, spending most of time with Claude, him being my coach, his system is something that I got used to in juniors and it works well with me.” (via Bruins News)

As Bruins fans we have seen his game progress and have grown to love him for who he is on and off the ice, becoming a fan favorite to many.

“I think in Boston we have some of the best sports fans in the world, and they’ve embraced me, and without them I don’t think I’d be here either…We love the city, we love the fans, we love being Boston Bruins,” Lucic said. “I speak for everyone here as [saying] we couldn’t be happier to be in this spot.”




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