Seidenberg Stays, Krejci Goes to Czech

Dennis Seidenberg and David Krejci (Photo Credit: Steph Phillips)

First things first, today David Krejci officially stated that he is going to be playing hockey back home in the Czech Republic for Pardubice.  While the deal isn’t 100% yet, due to an insurance policy hang-up, it seems within the next couple of weeks David will be out of Boston. However, for the time being, there is a bright side along this horizon, at least for defenseman Dennis Seidenberg who is planning on waiting out the lockout for the next week. The German Hammer told reporter Joe Haggerty yesterday that he is most likely going to reunite with his brother Yannick in Germany.  The two played together for a portion of a season Mannheim back in the early 2000’s.

“Once it starts they’re probably going to press a lot of games into the months and it will be a lot on top of going over [to Europe],” Seidenberg said. “I’ll have to consider that and be careful how I manage my time. I’m German so if I go back there I won’t count as an import. I can always go back there. If I go back to Germany I’ll play with Mannheim with my brother. It would be nice to be reunited with him.”(via

While he is regretful that this is where the NHL has headed, he is also concerned about the lasting damage the work stoppage will have on the League.  While the League is in a work stoppage that also means the amount of media coverage is cut short as well as the amount of people interested in watching the games. This in the long run, especially considering this is the third time since Bettman has taken over, is potentially damaging to the League itself.

“Hockey isn’t a sport like football or baseball where [a large group of] people live for it. We need to coverage to be out there to keep it going and to keep the game popular.”

While the two players will be heading back to Europe it seems around the same time, majority of the players headed overseas to play will have an “out” clause in their contract should there be new negotiations made regarding the CBA.  Fingers crossed ladies and gentlemen.


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