The List Goes On And On. . .

Ladies and gentlemen, stuff just got real.  Yesterday the NHL announced that all pre-season games scheduled until September 30 would be cancelled, providing us with at least a month of no hockey to get excited for.  The real kicker, two more Bruins players announced today that they would be headed overseas to play.

Forwards Tyler Seguin and Andrew Ference are joining their teammates Sedienberg and Krejci on their foreign hockey journey as they accept contracts from the Swiss and Czech Republic.  Nothing gives me more hope for a hockey season like reading about all of the new signings overseas…NOT!  Seriously, with big names like Joe Thornton and Alex Ovechkin, BIG name guys in the NHL leaving to play overseas so soon, what does this say about the state of the lockout. Granted, these players are getting their playing time in, but who is to say that the second they land in this foreign country thousands of miles away from their US home, that they aren’t going to be called back for the NHL?  Do the players know something that we don’t know?  In having players rush overseas, it allows one to believe that there will in fact not be a season this year and that we are all just kidding ourselves.

Sadly, the cold, harsh reality is that Tyler Seguin is leaving Boston today to play with the Swiss for HC Beil, while Andrew Ference heads to the Czech Republic to play for HC Mountfield České Budějovice.  Along with Anton Khudobin playing for HC Atlant Moscow Oblast (KHL) and Chara being rumored to go play for HC Slovan Bratislava (KHL).  Yup, it looks like a lot of new jerseys are going to be purchased this year along with some pretty expensive plane tickets.  But hey, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime, right?




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