Bergeron Likely to Join Linemate in Swiss League

Patrice Bergeron (Photo Credit: Steph Phillips)

While it was originally rumored that forward Patrice Bergeron  would be playing for the Quebec Caravan League set up by current Philadelphia Flyers Maxime Talbot and Bruno Gervais.  However, today it was reported that number 37 is looking into playing in the Swiss League that signed linemate Tyler Seguin earlier this week although “nothing has been determined yet.”

The Quebec Caravan League is set to start on September 27 featuring some of the best players that are currently out of work. Players like Marc-Andre Fleury(Pittsburgh Penguins), Kris Letang(Pittsburgh Penguins), David Desharnais(Montreal Canadiens), Mathieu Darche(Montreal Canadiens), David Perron(St. Louis Blues), Marc-Edouard Vlasic(San Jose Sharks), Alex Burrows(Vancouver Canucks), Derrick Brassard(Columbus Blue Jackets) and Simon Gagne(LA Kings). The games are scheduled to take place on a weekly basis around the province and tickets will be $20 with all proceeds going to charity.

During the last work stoppage Bergeron was able to play for the Providence Bruins since he was merely 19. Like the rest of the Bruins players shipping overseas Bergeron too will have an “out clause” allowing him to come back once the work stoppage is over.  While nothing is set in stone and talks are to resume between the NHL and NHLPA on Friday, we will just sit back and wait out the storm with the rest of the team.

[UPDATE] In speaking with Bergeron’s agent there have been no further negotiations regarding Bergeron playing with the Swiss League.  The possibility of Bergeron playing in Quebec on Thursday is still likely.


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