Peverley to Finland

Rich Peverley is the latest Bruin to head oversea (Credit:Flickr/Slidingsideways)

Another day, another Bruin signing to playing overseas. This form of temporary employment though really sad is necessary for the players to maintain their skills. I think the benefit of it all is that in the contracts there is a part that says if and when the NHL lock out is over, the players can return to their NHL teams. In this case, all of the Bruins players will return to Boston.

Peverley has joined the  JYP Jyvaskyla of the Finnish SM-liiga and will arrive in Finland later this week. Since September of 2010, the Finnish Club and the Bruins entered a partnership agreement agreement meaning that the teams will be able to transfer players and have them train with the partner club and within the partner club’s developmental system, as well as exchange tactics and scouting information. I think that this partnership may have definitely swayed Pevs decision.

 Club chairman Jukka Seppanen said that Peverley’s style of play was ideal for the Finnish league and though it’s sad that this lock out is seemingly long lasting, it’s good to see that Pevs will be in good hands.



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