Bruins Games Cancelled Through Oct. 24th

How much longer will this last? (Credit:Flickr/Slidingsideways)

The lockout has officially hit the regular season. Today the NHL announced the cancellation of the regular season through October 24th. So what does this mean for the Boston Bruins?

Well 82 games through out the league were cancelled, and six of those games the Bruins would have been playing in. Here are the games that will no longer be happening:

Oct. 11 at Philadelphia
Oct. 13 at New Jersey
Oct. 16 at Montreal
Oct. 18 versus Montreal
Oct. 20 versus Dallas
Oct. 23 versus Carolina

As you can see, three of those games would have been played at the T.D Garden. If by some miracle, an agreement can be made to end the lockout as of now, the Bruins would open the season on October 25th against the Anaheim Ducks.

This is one of those posts I really wish I didn’t have to post.


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