Providence Profiles: Carter Camper

Camper with his first NHL goal puck

Carter Camper is a name that Bruins fans have heard before. If you don’t remember, last season Camper made his NHL debut and in just his third game for the Boston Bruins scored his first career goal.

You can check that out here:

If you followed the Providence B’s last season, you would have heard Camper’s name a lot in regard to goal scoring. Camper led the team in goals with 18, along with 39 assists. In February of this year, Camper scored his first career hat trick against the Connecticut Whales. It’s pretty obvious that in the time that Camper has been in Providence, he has made an impact.

This season he’s trying to take his stellar performance on the ice and put it to good use. He created Carters Assist, a charity providing support to the Ryan Waldheger Research Memorial Foundation (RWRM). After every game, Camper will announce his contribution to RWRM via his twiter @C_camps11. Each point he scores will be represented in the donation. A Cup A Bruin will definitely be following Camper’s progress with the charity through out the season.



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