Bruins Hockey Is Back!

(Photo Credit: Steph Phillips)

Guess what ladies and gentlemen?! The day has finally come for Bruins hockey!! Yay! Finally we can get back to what we have all been waiting for, Boston Bruins hockey! Hallelujah! We can get back to seeing Lucic unleash fury on his opponents and Brad getting under the skin of every player that crosses his path. We can watch as Seguin matures and becomes the stellar superstar that he is destined to be and embark on the journey with the twenty-four guys we have all come to love as part of our own family.  Oh wait…we’re still on hold.  We are still waiting for the League to stop being selfish and set aside their differences with the NHLPA to create compromise.  Unfortunately, that involves putting pride on the back burner, something franchise owners are not willing to do, it has something to do with their inflated egos.  

For Bruins fans like myself, this is normally a time for celebration.  Time to crack open an icy cold beverage and get as loud and obnoxious as I can.  Opening day is like the dawn of a new era, it’s more exciting than New Years Eve or Christmas morning when you’re a child.  It symbolizes a sense of sanity.  Sure there is always AHL and NCAA but those don’t quite fulfill the desire.  The desire to see the blood, sweat and tears put into every game.  The pain and agony some of the players face while playing through injuries so they don’t let their teammates down.  The drive and determination, the grit.  The list is endless when it comes to why hockey is so phenomenal.

Being in this lockout is complete, for lack of a better word and inability to curse, poop. (You can substitute any word you wish.) Currently I must say that I’m a little peeved at the ring leader of this operation who happens to be in correspondence with the Bruins organization. (Sadly.) Jeremy Jacobs.  Honestly Sir, and I mean this as kindly as I possibly can, what the hell are you thinking?  Don’t think I have forgotten about 2011 when you went and made comments about Cam Neely never winning a Cup as a player.  (You are still not forgiven.) But seriously, you are the most influential owner in the League, so what is your problem? Granted your cheap personality and lack of care or faith in the Bruins isn’t as crippling now that we have Chiarelli and Neely, but still, the fact of the matter remains, you’re arrogant and cheap.

The most agitating thing of all of this, the people that we get most infuriated with and would love to tell to jump off a cliff or disappear off the face of the Earth and never come back are people that could care less what we have to think or say.  Realizing this makes you even more angry, especially when you realize they are doing it simply because, they can.  So, there is no NHL season and all there is is spare time. Time to sit and think and dwell and grow more and more angry until you can literally feel your head spinning and you think it is going to pop off into the Universe. Yet at the same time you grow more and more depressed because the sadness of no hockey gets bigger and bigger with each passing day.  You go to work or school in a haze, pissed off at the world, your parents/friends/colleagues begin to fear for your sanity and health.

Bruins hockey is what a lot of us revolve our lives around.  We make and break plans according to game times.  During the off-season we struggle to fill in the spare time, surrounding ourselves in work or careless/reckless activities.  Anything to keep our mind off of hockey and becoming a little more happy with each passing day as the countdown to a new season lessens.

So now, as we sit here, on opening day with no hockey scheduled to start until the very earliest October 24, we are at a loss. A loss of more than just a season, a loss for words, emotion and hope that is dwindling more and more with each passing minute.  We are reminded every day of what we are missing: previews,recaps,statistics,interviews,players, heavy hits, stellar stick skills…It’s heartbreaking. A team that consists of twenty-four men whom we follow day-in and day-out, whom we come to now and care for as our own family, are now scattered across the world playing for various teams in various leagues. But that’s not the sport.  The sport defines unity, especially the Boston Bruins. splitting them up and having them play each other just doesn’t provide the same satisfaction.

Unfortunately we are still playing the waiting game and while boycotting the NHL as a whole when/if it comes back would seem plausible, the love for the sport and this organization is too large to surpass, despite Jacobs being the master in disguise.  So for now, we hope and pray that we will get to see the Bruins on NESN with Jack Edwards commentary on the 24th.  Let’s keep the faith and keep believing, eventually it’s bound to come true.


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