Providence Profiles: Craig Cunningham

Cunningham (third from left) at Bruins development camp. (Credit: Flickr/Slidingsideways)

In 4 games this season with the Providence Bruins, this weeks Providence Profile feature has scored 2 goals.Craig Cunninghamis only in his second season with the P-Bruins but so far the 22-year-old has made quite the impact.

The 2010 NHL entry draft is when Cunningham was selected by the Bruins at 97th overall and has been a prospect ever since. Last season with the P-Bruins Cunningham had twenty goals and 16 assists in 76 games. Prior to that he spent his hockey playing time with the Vancouver Giants, even going to the Memorial Cup with them in 2007.

Here’s a video of goal of Cunninghams fromt his this season:

I think that Cunningham is just at the start of his career and in the future will definitely be someone to watch as the Bruins look for Providence players to step up to the NHL. Fortunately (or not so fortunate) there is a lock out right now so all eyes are on the AHL stateside meaning players like Cunningham are being recognized.

Though the Providence season started off a bit rocky, Cunningham and co. are really starting to gain momentum and it’ll be interesting to see how this weekends games go!


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