Today in Bruins History

Tyler Seguin (Photo Credit: Steph Phillips)

Today in Boston Bruins history we have an entire list of things because at this time we are usually a month into the season, unless we’re in 1944 in which case this is the season opener.  For this day the Bruins have a record of 14 wins 5 losses and 2 ties.  The most notable a 9-2 victory over the Montreal Canadiens in 1998 to start a home-and-home stint in Montreal.

2008’s victory is pretty memorable for some Bruins fans as it was the first time Milan Lucic returned home to Vancouver after becoming a Boston Bruin and had over 100 friends and family in the stands.  As if that wasn’t memorable enough, he also got a new Memorial Cup ring from the Vancouver Giants because someone had stolen his.

For the more recent Bruins fans, you probably remember 2010 of this day the best.  On this day in 2010 the Boston Bruins hosted the Toronto Maple Leafs and Tyler Seguin scored his first goal at the Garden since joining the Organization.  This is the day the “Thank You Kessel” chant was born, due to the fact that it was his trade that helped the Bruins acquire the young superstar from the draft.  It was after this game that Claude Julien decided that Seguin had the grapes to stay in the NHL and not report back to juniors.

Boston fans around the nation will forever be thankful for the Phil Kessel trade and I don’t foresee the chant going anywhere for a while.


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