Kelly Signs With Swiss

Chris Kelly and Tyler Seguin (Photo Credit: Steph Phillips)

Today a tenth member of the Boston Bruins decided to pack up and head overseas to play hockey.  It was announced that forward Chris Kelly, who in July signed a $12 million contract extension, will be heading to the Swiss League to play for HC Red Ice.  Kelly signed a month-long deal with the team with an extension option as well as an out clause should the NHL and NHLPA come to an agreement.

Kelly is coming off of a career-best year with 20 goals, 19 assists combining for 39 points and a +33 rating.

As the Bruins were one of the largest groups present at the NHLPA/NHL meetings in New York they also have the largest number of players overseas.  I guess the saying is true that family sticks together through anything and that Boston has a unique and special bond that no one other team can match.

Keep being so brilliant Boston, despite a lockout, you are still making us proud to be your fans.


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