Bruins Hockey Starts…After December 14

2011: Tuukka Rask waiting to get in net during warm-ups (Photo Credit: Steph Phillips)

Guess what Bruins fans, the NHL and NHLPA met today and came to a conclusion! They decided to cancel more games through December 14 along with  the NHL All-Star Classic. In all fairness, cancelling the All-Star Classic makes some sort of sense, if I have to find the positive in the situation.  Seriously, don’t believe me? Well, look at it this way; with a shortened season the Bruins will only be playing around 40-50 games from the earliest, December 15 through the first week in May.  That’s a butt load of games to play in such a short amount of time.  If the NHL were to host the All-Star Classic, that is a week that the teams lose of playing time, a week vacation that isn’t exactly necessary after such a long break.

In today’s meeting the only thing accomplished was more finger pointing and blame from both sides.  It has simply come down to who can say na-na-na-na boo-boo first.  It’s at the ridiculous point that neither side, NHL or NHLPA realize the media and fans aren’t interested in hearing their talks anymore.  The only time anyone will start paying attention again is IF they announce the beginning of a season.  Until that point, they might as well just not talk at all.

If you wanted some sort of hockey-related news that has a more positive spin on things, how about that Seguin kid? Tyler Seguin, Boston’s most eligible bachelor and Swiss’ Superstar scored his THIRD hattrick of the season for his 18th goal of the season, giving him 30 points so far.  We always knew that kid was destined for greatness, if only he were giving Stamkos and Malkin a run for their money in the states.

Also, goaltender Tuukka Rask is set to return back to Boston after Friday’s HC Plzen game.  Rask has played in 15 games for the Czech team and racked up a .925 save percentage and 2.01 goals against average, not bad for the ‘back-up.’ While the reason behind Rask coming back to the Atlantic side of things is unknown, we can only hope that his homecoming will bring some good news with it.


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