Savard to Pursue Coaching. . . Eventually

Marc Savard (Photo Courtesy of slidingsideways/Flickr)

Marc Savard’s future as an NHL player came to an abrupt halt when Pittsburgh Penguin Matt Cooke blindsided him with an open ice hit. The end result, a concussion that three years later, still lingers.  However, that doesn’t mean a career in hockey is completely dead.  In fact, the reality of Savard becoming a coach isn’t all that far off.  He tweeted the other day that he would be ‘very interested’ in coaching the OHL.  While it’s not the NHL, it could be the necessary stepping stone to get there.  After all, you have to start somewhere.

While Savard hasn’t played since January of 2011 after a hit sustained from Matt Hunwick and his playing career is a possibility, the light at the end of that tunnel is dull.  Savard still deals with headaches and memory loss, but remains positive on the outlook of his future.

Regardless of how Savard fits in, whether it is playing or coaching, he will make a positive impact, Despite where he fits in, I will gladly call myself a Savvy fan.


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