Seguin Does Movember

Tyler Seguin Movember Edition

Now as Steph posted yesterday the Boston Bruins have always been a group of studs with great heads of hair. As we all know, guys take the month of November as an opportunity to not shave their beards or cut their hair. This time of the year is known as “Movember”.

It seems one of our very own Boston Bruin’s players has decided to take part in no shave November as he recently uploaded quite the picture. Now ladies I know we are not used to seeing Tyler Seguin with such scruff and judging by the hastags that came with the above pic it seems as though Seggy didn’t realize he could actually grow a beard.

If everyone remembers from the 2011 Stanley Cup run, Seguin didn’t exact grow the greatest playoff beard. But friends as Seguin approaches his big 21st birthday, I guess it was only a matter of time for puberty to truly kick in.

Seguin’s 2011 playoff beard attempt

So congrats Tyler and welcome to the big boy club of beards! And December 1st please come fast so we can get back to seeing Seguin clean shaved as most (myself included) prefer!



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