Baby B’s Team Up With Burke

Providence adopts ‘You Can Play Project’
(photo courtesy of Ron Morin/ Ron’s Sports Photography)

Boston Bruins members Shawn Thornton and Zdeno Chara have already openly spoke about adopting the You Can Play Project  set forth by Patrick Burke instilling a safe, equal and friendly environment for homosexual players in the sports universe.  This weekend the Baby B’s followed suite in joining as well as Burke visited the locker room. Players Colby Cohen and Christian Hanson tweeted about their excitement  in joining the act:

Burke decided to address the team after a request was put in from Coach Cassidy and Carter Camper.  After speaking with the team heavy hitter Bobby Robins told the Providence Journal that the team was 100% committed to backing anti-homophobia initiative, and will no longer use 5 hurtful words. What exactly those words are were not mentioned, but it’s the little things that make up a bigger picture. Great job guys, we’re all proud to call you our future.


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