Seguin’s Sweeping the Swiss League

Tyler Seguin (Photo Credit: Steph Phillips)

The fans of Boston all know that Tyler Seguin is a superstar with stellar star potential. In his rookie season he managed to make the final NHL roster cuts, score 11 goals and 11 assists and be a key factor in the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs scoring three goals and three assists in his first two playoff games in his career. In his rookie season Seguin led the team in points, doubling his totals from his rookie season proving the ‘Sophomore Slump’ was a myth, at least for him.  It’s only natural that Seguin is dominating the Swiss League registering not one, not two, but THREE hat tricks this season. However, it leaves Boston fans with  a sour taste in their mouth.  It should be us witnessing these career highlights.  We shouldn’t have to surf the internet and go through google translate just to find out how our favorite players are doing.  But alas, that is what this season has come to.

Since heading over to Europe and joining EHC Biel of the Swiss Elite, Seguin has posted multi-point games in almost all of his 23 games. As of right now he has 22 goals (almost as many as he had last season in 82 games), 13 assists and 22 penalty minutes.  Being December 3, Seguin is in the last month of his contract according to the EHC Biel site.  With an NHL season not even close to surfacing, it’s a wonder what his next move will be. For now we’ll keep translating and keeping tabs overseas, regardless of the jersey he’s wearing he’s a Bruin for life.

Seguin’s team is set to take on HC Lugano today, Patrice Bergeron‘s team.  With any luck we may be able to find a live feed for you, but for now, this lockout sucks.


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