Providence Profiles: Torey Krug

Krug in his first NHL game! (Credit:Flickr/Slidingsideways)

Torey Krug , if not for the lockout, would most likely be on the Boston Bruins roster right now. He was signed back in March coming in from Michigan State University with just 7 games left in the Bruins regular season. Krug ended up playing in 2 games with the Bruins before the season getting his first NHL assist. But with the lockout continuing until at least the end of 2012, Krug has spent his season with Providence.

Looking at Krug you wouldn’t exactly think defensive weapon; he’s 5’9″ and 175 pounds. Obviously I’m saying this in comparison to defensive GIANT Zdeno Chara. But if those 2 games with the B’s last season were any indication, Krug has no fear playing with the big boys. His competitive nature and strength are definitely a huge asset that Boston could use.

This season in 20 games for Providence, Krug has 1 goal and 5 assists. Krug is the the kind of player that every team needs; he’s that guy that’ll do whatever necessary to secure a win and that is what makes him the kind of player that the Bruins need!

Here’s a clip of Krugs first NHL point thanks to a Milan Lucic goal!



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