New Years Resolutions:Boston Bruins

So long 2012 (Photo Credit:

The end of 2011 left us as Boston Bruins fans spoiled. The Bruins had just won the Stanley Cup, despite a slow and rocky start they turned their season completely around in November/December and went into the playoff run with our heads held high.  We were ‘golden.’ We began 2012 on a high note that carried us into the playoffs yet again.  Unfortunately, the dream was cut short as Joel Ward ended the Bruins playoff stint and sent the B’s into an early summer vacation. However, with each downfall and crap moment that the past season has brought there comes a solution.  

Resolution #1: Stop Blaming Tim Thomas For EVERYTHING

The blaming of Tim Thomas started around the day it was reported he would not be joining his teammates in their trip to the White House.  You see, it wasn’t so much that Tim didn’t want to participate, it was more or less the reasoning behind such actions, or lack thereof.  Thomas refused to talk to the media reporters and there wasn’t a team statement issued.  The more he avoided the questioning the angrier the fans became and thus began the infamous ‘snub.’ He would refuse to talk to the media but yet the minute he was off camera he would turn to social media and use that as his outlet to explain his reasons on his personal Facebook page.  A platform that he would also later use to stand with Christians in their right for freedom, stand with Chick-Fil-A in their stance against same-sex marriage and announce that he would be taking the 2012-2013 season off to focus on his family, friends and faith.

While all of the above statements are reasons for Bruins fans and loyal,faithful Tim Thomas fans to be angry and/or upset, his action off the ice are actually quite irrelevant to the reasons that the team slipped up and found themselves ousted in the first round.  Think about it, at the end of the season how many players were injured? The Bruins had lost Nathan Horton mid-way through, Johnny B and Joe Corvo had sat out a few games. The Bruins were relying on Greg Zanon and Mike Motatu as their third-line d-men, a pair that came in at the trade deadline to make up for the injuries. And of course you can’t forget Tuukka Rask injuring his groin putting Thomas in the net consecutively straight through after signing Marty Turco after the trade deadline practically pulling him out of retirement.

The reasons why the Bruins didn’t succeed further in the playoffs had little to do with Thomas and his off-ice antics, they had everything to do with the fact that our team was busted up and burnt out and were no longer the “golden” team from 2011.

Resolution #2: Stop Trying to Run David Krejci Out of Town

After having what a number of fans are referring to as a ‘bad year’ when talks of trade came around David’s name was on the chopping block.  He had a slow start, he didn’t seem to be playing to his full potential.  Despite what fans complained about the Bruins obviously saw something in him as they signed him to a multi-year extension worth $5.25 million cap hit. So, let’s see, why isn’t he worth it?

Last season David finished with a career-high 23 goals and 62 points on the season.  His worst attribute was the -5 he sported.  Granted he had a mid-season ‘slump’ if you will where he sported the third/fourth-line, but he was still able to match his previous years totals.  Now, let us take a look at what he has been up to during the lockout.

Like most of the Bruins team Krejci headed overseas, joining HC Pardubice of the Czech League.  For them he registered 27 points in just 24 games. The exciting part, 16 of those points are from goals scored. Krejci is more than worth the money and is comparable to say Tyler Kennedy of the Pittsburgh Penguins, someone who is an asset to the team, but isn’t necessarily always recognized for it.

Resolution #3: Overused Phrases-Throw ‘Em Out!

Okay, let’s rewind and think of the greatest phrases we were able to use throughout the year shall we?

  • “Thank you Kessel.” (instilled when we drafted Tyler Seguin and he proved to be the team’s hottest superstar. The term is used every time the Bruins play the Leafs, especially when Seguin scores.)
  • Call 911 (instilled when Chara seriously injured Max Pacioretty, is used every time the Bruins hit a Canadien)
  • Sedin Sisters, Burrows the Biter, Luongo Jokes,The Riot (instilled during the Finals, brought up at the mention of the Canucks with B’s fans)

Okay, yes these were GREAT things to chant this past season, we were riding high, reigning Stanley Cup champs and hell, we were the fans , the fans of the greatest team in the League, why not flaunt it and ourselves a little? Well, the time has come where we have to hang our hat now, it has been well over a year since the Bruins won the cup and longer than that for a few of the other events mentioned, let the phrases go out. With each season brings a new cheer and slandering phrase, it’s time to move on.

Resolution #4: Give Tuukka Rask a Chance

Now, I will be the first Bruins fan to admit that whenever Rask used to get in net during the 2011 season I was uneasy and had less confidence that the team could pull off a victory. Tim Thomas had instilled that much confidence in the fans of Boston that at the thought of changing the line up in the slightest bit we would tremble with fear. However, we as the fans need to realize that Tuukka was great before Thomas came into the picture in 2010 and that he is now in his prime.

The 25 year-old net minder signed a one-year deal with the Bruins organization worth $3.5 million this past summer.  While we have been in a lockout he went overseas to join centerman David Krejci in the Czech Republic for HC Plzen.  Rask appeared in 16 games with the club and was arguably the best goaltender in the League.  He was able to post a 12-4 record and sported a 1.99 goals against average. He also save 92.82% of the shots he faced.

Assuming we get an NHL season commencing on January 19, what with the NHL/NHLPA scheduling a meeting for Monday, it will be Tuukka Time.  He will finally be able to get his time to shine and prove to Boston that he is worthy enough of being the No. 1 goaltender.  Out of all of the players on the Bruins team, he is the one who will benefit the most from a shortened season, coming in as the top goaltender and having a 48-game season, allowing him to work into a full-time goaltending schedule easily.  It is time to forget about TT and the ‘damage’ he did to the Bruins and put the faith in Rask.  It is time to see if he can prove he is as good as all of the hype that has surrounded him since he came to Boston.

Now, enough with the resolutions, how about we take a look at some of the highlights from the past year:

While it may have been in November of 2011, it was still from the past season, so it counts. Tyler Seguin, while playing in Toronto scored his first hat trick of his career.


One of the biggest controversies of the 2011-2012 season, Milan Lucic and his ‘run’ at Ryan Miller:


Captain Zdeno Chara appeared in his 1,000 game at the TD Garden this past season:

Of course we can’t forget the hype that surrounded the Bruins organization when they took PK Subban’s little brother Malcolm Subban in the first round of the NHL Entry Draft.

And the day that the Bruins announced that they were going to trade Tyler Seguin for Rick Nash. . . . Just kidding, that didn’t really happen, but it was a fun post.

Happy New Year to all of our Bruins fans, we hope you all have a safe and happy holiday!! We’ll cover more for you guys next year!




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