Welcome: Stephanie Vail

Stephanie Vail – Providence Bruins Lead Writer

A Cup A Bruin would like to announce that we have a new writer among us…sort of.  We have brought Stephanie Vail back onto our  team.  Steph originally was our key preview contributor, but is coming back as our Providence Bruins lead writer.  She will be covering anything and everything Providence Bruins related.  She is also planning on attending the All Star Game in Providence and will be providing some insight on that as well.

Ariana and myself are excited to have Stephanie back on our staff and are excited to see all of the new content and ideas she has in store for us.  Make sure to stay updated with all of Steph’s coverage (as well as ours) by following us on Twitter (@ACupABruin) and Liking us on Facebook! Make sure you give Steph a follow as well at @mybruinsoface.

Welcome back Stephanie, we look forward to working with you again!!


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