Today in Bruins History

Photo Credit; Stephanni Phillips

Today is a very special day in Boston Bruins history as it is the official day that the organization retired the No. 4 jersey of the great Bobby Orr.  Yup, in January of 1979 on this exact day the Boston Bruins hoisted the #4 circle to the rafters.  You can find the entire retirement ceremony on Youtube, split into 5 different parts, but the most important is the second piece. Eight minutes straight of the crowd giving the legend a standing ovation. No exaggeration, eight minutes of continuous cheering and screaming and applauds, so much that all of the speakers they had were scrapped because they ran out of time and had to drop the puck.

In playing with the Boston Bruins (and a brief stint with the Chicago Blackhawks) he posted 270 goals and 645 assists in 657 games played.  He was the best of his era and will forever be remembered for his famous Stanley Cup winning goal that brought Boston the Cup off of a pass from Derek Sanderson.




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