Providence Profiles: Max Sauve

Max Sauve (Credit: Flickr/ Steph Vail)

In his professional debut back for the Providence Bruins in April of the 2009-2010 season, Max Sauve scored his first two pro goals and would be named first star of the game. If that doesn’t tell you the potential of the almost 23-year-old forward then I don’t know what else to say!

Sauve is currently in his 4th season with Providence and shows no sign of slowing down, despite having health issues in past seasons. In 29 games this season, Sauve has posted 4 goals and 9 assists. If Sauve can avoid injury, I have a feeling he will be called up to the NHL level at some point during the shortened season.

Speaking of call ups, Sauve had an opportunity to play for the Boston Bruins back in March of last season against the Pittsburgh Penguins. He saw 3:43 minutes of ice time before suffering a hip injury in the second period.  He was called up again for the B’s for playoff time, but didn’t see any action.

Sauve has spent his career thus far between Providence and Boston after being obtained in 2008 draft 47th overall in the 2nd round by the Bruins.

Unlike other players on the Providence team, the center wasn’t invited to training camp for the Boston Bruins occuring this week but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have potential to at some point crack the B’s lineup.

Sauve is fast, and has strong puck handling skills as you can see in this clip:

With the season opening in Boston coming on Saturday and the season FINALLY starting, it’ll be interesting to see how many Providence players, including Sauve make the call up.


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