Providence Profiles: Graham Mink

Mink (21) when he played for the Hershey Bears (Credit: Flickr/ MR_53)

As AHL hockey season started so did the Providence Profiles here at A Cup A Bruin. Now that NHL hockey is back in our lives, many AHL players have been “sent up” to their respective pro teams, meaning they’re are spots in the club teams. If you’ve been keeping up with these profiles, you would know we were almost at the end alphabetically.

Or are we? This week’s profile is a new member of the Providence team Graham Mink. My fellow co-writer Steph made sure that I posted about Mink because he was once a Portland Pirate, a team she has a special spot for. He was almost a member of the Vermont Catamounts, a Hockey East school, that I obviously have a special spot for. Basically, we needed to write about him!

Since joining the P-Bruins, Mink has played in five games and already has a goal, an assist, and six pim’s to his name. Not too shabby.

The right-winger was a part of the Hershey Bears before coming to Providence this season. He has also played in 7 NHL games with the Washington Capitals because of playing on the Hershey team. Providence is the sixth AHL team Mink has played for in 11 seasons. Overall he has totaled 243 goals and 250 assists for 493 points in his AHL career so I definitely think he will  be an asset to Providence.

Mink joined Providence on January 12th of this year signing the veteran forward to a professional tryout contract. Having someone with that much experience join the ranks will not only help the P-Bruins with numbers, but I think Mink will serve as a great role model for the younger guys joining the team straight out of college.

With that said, welcome to Providence Graham! You can follow Mink on his twitter here: @GrahamMink21



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