Patrice Bergeron Provoked By Slewfooting Skinner

Patrice Bergeron (Photo Credit: Steph Phillips)

Generally Patrice Bergeron is a really calm, cool and collected hockey player. However, last night Jeff Skinner found a way to get under his skin and cause him to retaliate. What you have to understand is this, Bergeron has only one previous fighting major in his career since entering the league in 2005. The reasoning behind his provocation? a high hit from Josh Gorges at the Garden in the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals.

Bergeron only gets physical when he feels targeted. So, the play that is being questioned and scrutinized is this:

Skinner appeared to extend his leg to cause Bergeron to fall.  With the play behind the Bruins net, Skinner had already committed the offense, the play was nowhere near wither player. Because of this Bergeron confronted the young Carolina superstar.

When the Bruins were questioned about it after the fact, both Marchand and Bergeron noted that Skinner is known for his ‘slewfooting’ though he had never done it to them. “It was the first time he did it (to me), but I thought it was uncalled for,” Bergeron said. “The puck wasn’t even close.”

Brad Marchand, who was fined for slewfooting Pittsburgh’s Matt Niskanen last season, stated:

“If you continue to do that to guys, you’re going to get it. Bergy had just had enough. It was good for Bergy to stand up for himself like that.” (via MilfordDailyNews)


So readers, you’ve seen the footage, what do you think, was the collision intentional caused by a slewfoot from Skinner or did they both cross paths at the same time and happen to fall down and go boom, taking Seidenberg with them?


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