Bruins Become Team #6 For Jagr

Jaromir JAGR (Czech Republic) - France - Czech Republic - (World Championships Preliminary Round 2010-05-09) - SAP Arena - Mannheim - Germany (Patxi64/Flickr)

Jaromir JAGR (Czech Republic) – France – Czech Republic – (World Championships Preliminary Round 2010-05-09) – SAP Arena – Mannheim – Germany (Patxi64/Flickr)

Prior to tonight’s face off the Boston Bruins announced that they had acquired NHL star and legend Jaromir Jagr for forward Lane MacDermid, prospect Cody Payne and a conditional 2nd round draft pick.  The draft pick would be bumped up to a 1st round pick should the Bruins make it to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Jaromir Jagr is no stranger to the game of ice hockey, entering the league with the Pittsburgh Penguins in 1990-1991 season and helping them win two Stanley Cups along the way.  Jagr has seen the likes of Pittsburgh, Washington, New York (Rangers), Philadelphia, Dallas, registering 50+ points per season. He has appeared in 1,380 games registering 679 goals and 1,000 assists. Still not impressed?

Along with being a known goal-scorer, Jagr is also a pivotal play-maker when it comes to power play units, entering the Bruins squad with 14 goals and 12 assists, 6 goals coming from the power play, making him the teams’ points leader. He will be tied for Marchand in goals scored.

When the team was asked about what they thought of the transaction, they all sang a similar tune in stating ‘he will add depth offensively and that he’s a great player.” General Manager Peter Chiarelli was elated at the deal and reiterated the same sentiments, but was also quick to state that Jagr isn’t going or expected to be a savior, he is expected to fit in with the team.

We can expect to see the likes of the stellar star alongside Rich Peverley on the third line, but to make some transitions along the way. It is possible to see him alongside David Krejci for a couple of shifts as well and move Horton down to the third line, as the Bruins are always cycling players around.

“Obviously there’s a need on the third line,” Chiarelli said. “He’s got a higher-line pedigree. What I said to Jaromir is that we pride on ourselves on four strong lines. He’s an important part, but not the part to success. He could be on the third line. There are times when our fourth line’s been our third line and vice versa. It depends on who’s going. We try to even it out. He seemed very receptive to that.”(via Boston Globe)

Jagr is expected to be in Boston Wednesday morning to practice with the team and is set to make his debut in the Black and Gold sweater on Thursday night as the Bruins take on the New Jersey Devils at the Garden looking for their third straight victory. Welcome to Boston Jaromir, we look forward to being a part of your successes.


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