Bruins Back at Home: Game 5 Preview

So we didn’t want to be in this place, but here we are game day of Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals between the Boston Bruins and New York Rangers. The Bruins currently lead the series 3-1 and today once again have the chance to end the series and take the fourth win. The difference between this game and the last is that New York now has a win under their belt and is looking to use this towards regaining the momentum in the series. But the bottom line is that Boston had a few bad bounces go the NY way and couldn’t regroup in time to pick up the win. The past is the past, game four was game four, but now it’s a new day and a new game.

Tyler Seguin finally snapped his playoff lull (Credit: Slidingsideways/ Flickr)

B’s Bounce Back:
Boston knows how to win and they know how to lose. They know what it’s like to have a lead in a series and suddenly watch it go away. And guess what? They’re not looking to watch that happen again. With the negative of Game Four comes many positive things. Tonight is all about ending this series and moving onto the next round for Boston. A positive is Tyler Seguin finally getting his first LONG OVERDUE playoff goal. In a time like this contributions from all four-lines are clutch. Also, the Bruins managed TWO power play goals and as we know in Boston PP goals are few and far. The Bruins have been the better team for three and a half games this series and need to shut down the Rangers tonight.

New Life for New York:
A win for New York was necessary but not only was it a win, it was a home win. Now the Rangers head to Boston for Game  Five where they have yet to win post season. They will keep their same lineup from Game Four meaning Brad Richards will once again be a healthy scratch. But the Rangers know they can’t rely on Tuukka Rask letting soft goals in again and are going to actually have to play if they want to win.

Who’s Hot:
Torey Krug is the hottest rookie the Bruins have right now. In his first four NHL playoff games has three goals, including a power play goal. It’s safe to say Krug will be sticking around Boston for next season and not playing in Providence with the B’s AHL affiliate.

The game is on today/tonight at 5:30 pm and you can check it out on NBCSN!
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