Happy Birthday Milan Lucic

Milan Lucic  (Photo Credit: Steph Phillips)

Milan Lucic (Photo Credit: Steph Phillips)

It seems fairly fitting that as the Bruins embark on what could be the most astonishing series of the 2013 series, one of the driving forces celebrates his 25th birthday. Today, heavy-hitter and power forward Milan Lucic celebrates his big day. On this day in 1988, Milan was brought into this world in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He has served the Bruins with his will and tenacity since 2006, the year after the lockout, instilling the slogan; “The Big, Bad Bruins.”

One of his most famous fights comes from a series with Mike Komisarek, as each time the two seemed to meet up they tussled. The most famous of course:

While Lucic has faced adversity his entire life, beginning with the diagnosis of Scheuermann’s disease (a medical condition causing the back bone to curve), he hasn’t let it get in his way. He was destined to be a fighter since his younger days and is best known for his never back down attitude. Though he may have been struggling throughout the course of the regular season, he has flipped the switch and reverted back to the smart yet physical Milan Lucic we have all come to love and admire.

Happy Birthday Looch and good luck tonight as you attempt the unthinkable-sweeping the Pittsburgh Penguins.


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