The Aftermath: Hunger and Heartbreak

bandagedInevitably as the season comes to a close all of the truths come out and we discover exactly how much pain the Boston Bruins have been playing through.  While injuries are no excuse to loss and no one claims them to be, it’s still amazing to hear of the injuries the majority of the team battles through. This team is the biggest group of warriors ever imagined.

Nathan Horton battled with a shoulder injury throughout the last series of the playoffs, requiring him to wear a brace to keep the shoulder in place while he played. He is at this point in time the only player that will require surgery in the off-season.

Dennis Seidenberg suffered a pulled hamstring in the series against the Maple Leafs as well as a bone spur in his right elbow.

Patrice Bergeron achieved the ultimate warrior status as he played through torn rib cartilage, a broken rib, separated shoulder and a punctured lung. How he was able to keep all of that under wraps and battle through, we may never fully understand.

Zdeno Chara battled with a hip flexor injury but still managed to lead the defensemen in ice time each and every night.

Tyler Seguin was also battling with an undisclosed injury that he has battled with every year. Whether it has to do with his hand that he had surgery on last season or really does have a hip injury, we don’t know as he declined to give any further information.

Gregory Campbell suffered a broken fibula at the end of the Pittsburgh Penguins series and underwent a successful surgery to  fix it.

The remainder of the Bruins squad, suffers from the same thing; hunger and heartbreak as the majority of them know what could have been and the rest are hungry for what could have been.  One thing is for certain, after making full recoveries during this off-season, the Boston Bruins will come back with a vengeance and be contenders once again.


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