Friday Feature: Zambonis

Photo Credit: Andrew Ference (@ferknuckle/Twitter)

Recently A Cup A Bruin has started to do a Friday Feature on, go figure, FRIDAYS! This week’s feature is a tweet from defenseman Andrew Ference. The defenseman tweeted yesterday the above picture with the caption:

“Does anyone have a better Zamboni than the one at the rink where I train? Tough to beat…”


I must say, this is one of the coolest zambonis I have ever seen and I agree, that is tough to beat. Can you think of any zambonis that beat this one? If so, share them with us at and we’ll feature them!



Daily Countdown: 83 Days

Are the days at work starting to get crazy hectic? Do you find yourself more irritable without your outlet? Bruins fans, we are all in the same boat and there is only eighty-three more days remaining until we see the men in Black and Gold skate once again. While they still haven’t made any BIG moves, there is still a 60/40 chance that Tim Thomas will be sent off to a different team. (At least that’s what Bruins reporter Jimmy Murphy responded when I asked him) Since we are still in double digits waiting for hockey season to begin, we need to find some other source of entertainment. What better way than to do a Friday Feature of the social media Bruins members. This is something new that we are going to try out, each week we are going to post the happenings around the social media networks and showcase the funniest or most heartwarming pieces.

This week’s feature: @tylerseguin92.

Generally on the fourth of July, many players will tweet Happy Fourth and simply leave it at that, but for Tyler, he had a more interesting and intriguing tweet:

As if this wasn’t enough of an eyebrow raiser, Segs couldn’t leave his Seguinistas out there hanging to dry so he tweeted a follow up Tweet the next day. One that was sure to get the proverbial ‘panties dropping.’

Tyler, you are probably right, you won’t hear the end of this one for a while, but I’m assuming that Brad will be your biggest pest. Have fun with that and please, don’t hesitate to post your photos for the world to see, you might get yourself qualified for the Hawt Trophy on Aerys Intermission Report with those.