Fiction for the Soul

readingHere we’re compiling a list of stories written by some great writers that involve members (past and present) from your favorite team. Each week, we’re going to feature a new story that we think you will enjoy. So if you love to read, this is the section for you! If you have any suggestions, feel free to let us know at !!

The stories that you will find here have been written by people on and we have asked their permission to use their stories.

Autumn Leaves by: Nicki

(featuring Tyler Seguin) *Prequel to White Orchids

Nicki Westmoore is a nineteen year old girl from the suburbs outside of Boston. She grew up as a Bruin’s fan, and after her boyfriend of four years dies tragically in a car accident, she has to completely rewire her life. After spending months in and out of depression, her best friend Lisa decides that the perfect thing to cheer her up would be to take her to a Bruins game. What Lisa doesn’t tell Nicki is that she has arranged for her to meet the team before the game. This is where she meets Bruins forward Tyler Seguin, and instantly starts to fall in love with him; however he is too absorbed in the single life to think about love. This is a story of Nicki’s fight to win over the love of the person she wants most.

White Orchids by: Nicki

(featuring Tyler Seguin) *Sequel to Autumn Leaves

Nicki Westmoore has had anything but an easy life. She has lost nearly everyone who was ever close to her. Her life seemed destined to be one filled with despair. And then she met Tyler.

Tyler Seguin had it made. A professional hockey player at 19, a professional party boy by 20. He had everything he’d ever wanted. At least that’s what he thought. Until he met Nicki.

They’ve stood by each other through thick and thin; the death of Nicki’s brother, nearly fatal injuries, Tyler’s championship run. Good or bad, it all just made them stronger.

Now they’ve grown up. Nothing seems as simple as it was before. Their lives are changing drastically, and they embrace it with open arms. Will the ups and downs of life bring them closer together? Or will it tear them apart?


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