Jack Edwards BINGO

In the event of the Boston Bruins season opener all Bruins fans must be throwing a party and what would a party be without Jack Edwards BINGO!! This idea originates from a Flyers fan, but it’s a really cool idea so I figured I would share it with all of our readers. The rules of Bingo are quite simple.  You have a bingo board and you have a marker.  The marker can be anything you want it to be, spare change, pieces of lint off of your sock, anything. So, with your board and your markers of choice you wait for your “numbers” or in this case, your Jack Edwards sayings and mark them off until you have the established pattern of boxes marked off. (see below)

In the event of a new season, we thought it would be fun to present you with the boards to play and as the season goes on, we want to interact with you guys (and gals), our readers. So, if you want to participate in Jack Edwards Bingo, simply print off the following boards that we have made for you, courtesy of Catie, and play along every game.  If you get bingo, TWEET us and we’ll keep a running tab of every person who gets Bingo throughout the game. At the end we will announce who our overall winner is and establish a prize.

Goals: (we will establish which one before each game via our Twitter account)

  • First to get any line (up, down, left, right, diagonally)
  • First to get the four corners
  • First to get two diagonal lines through the middle (an “X”)
  • First to get all squares

Guest Instructions:

  • Check off events on your card as they occur
  • If you complete a goal, tweet us “Bingo!”
  • At the end of every game we will tally who got the most “Bingo!”s and notify the winner
  • Have fun!

Download Jack Edwards Bingo Cards

*All slogans courtesy of Catie,  you can find her on Twitter (@catiekat3715) just beware, she is a Flyers fan.


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